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Usually there will be one student in the car, however, there are times when we may drop or pickup another student when the first student is near the end of his/her 2-hour session

A regular scheduled driving lesson will consist of a two-hour behind-the-wheel instructive session. Don’t worry we allow 10 minutes of rest and bathroom breaks!

Due to liability reasons it is not recommended to have a parent or guardian sit in the backseat during a lesson. We all know what it is like to have our parents gasping at every turn.

Follow these four easy steps:

1- Copy and paste this URL into your web browser 

2- Scroll down on the home page and click on the registration link 

3- Fill out the form and click “submit”

4- Scroll down and click appointment to schedule a driver training session

Pricing varies based on your zip code. Under the pricing tab, enter your zip code in the area provided to be quoted an exact price for the course. We provide free pickup & drop-off to your home; we also include the DMV Certification of Completion for teenagers (16+) upon completion of 6 hours behind the wheel training.

Cash payments for 6 hour sessions are eligible for a $20.00 discount. Other payment method includes most major credit & debit via a secured paypal process. Additionally, you can process payment ( cash or card) before your first lesson directly through the instructor.

There is no required time limit for adults, however, teenagers are to complete a MINIMUM, 6 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction with a licensed driving school & 50 hours with a parent or family member who is 25 years or older holding a valid California Driver License. Additionally, teenagers that receive their learners permit will have to wait 6 months after receiving their permit, before they will be allowed to schedule a behind-the-wheel test with the DMV.

If the student proves capable of handling such roads then yes, we can take students on the highway and freeway. Although, our priority is to ensure that the student feels safe and comfortable driving and navigating on streets and main roads before moving on to more traffic abundant areas.

When arriving to the DMV on the day of your test please make sure to bring the following:

1- California registered car with a valid registration and proof of insurance. 

2- Your Learners Permit.

3- An accompanying driver with a valid California driver’s license.

4- For Teenagers- certificate of completion for a minimum 6 hours behind-the-wheel training from a licensed driving school.


Yes. We do not discriminate on age provided that you are within the legal age to drive. We offer specific senior citizen programs which have been tailored to focus on key areas for senior citizen driver. All students must have a valid learner permit or California driving license.

Yes, our course do include some freeway driving, usually during student’s 3rd Session.  However, freeway driving is solely at the instructor’s discretion at the time of the 3rd training Session, based on the student’s level of driving ability.

Yes we offer the DMV Licensed Driver’s Education Online for teenagers as per DMV requirement for obtaining a learner’s permit for Teenagers. please visit our online education website and click on teen Edu. to register and complete your course, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 949 283 1258

If you do not find what you are looking for just call (949) 283-1258

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